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Join Wrap DK-BUT®1600-PW

Co-extruded, 2-ply, polyethylene tape, consisting of a stabilized polyethylene carrier film and an adhesive layer of butyl rubber on one side.

icon Anti-corrosion coating icon Band thickness 1.6mm icon Maximum pipeline diameter 1220mm icon Cold application


Co-extrusion, 2-ply polyethylene tape.
The carrier film is 100% stabilized polyethylene.
The adhesive is ≥50% butyl synthetic elastomeric resin.
The gasket is an anti-adhesive silicone film.
Black color.

Special advantages

A 100% co-extruded 2-ply tape.
Impervious to water vapor and oxygen.
Resistant to soil bacteria and soil electrolyte.
Excellent adhesion between the adhesive layer and the carrier film through a co-extruded intermediate layer.
Compatible with factory coatings PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen.

icon Industry standard icon the product complies with the load class b icon the product complies with the load class 50

Area of application

icon Gas pipelines icon Oil pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration icon Protection of welded joints icon Protection of T-shaped fittings, connecting fittings, flanges

Join Wrap DK-BUT®1600-PW is a proven solution for permanently preventing corrosion of pipes and welds in areas with increased risk of corrosion in new installations or refurbishment projects. It is used when carrying out works on isolation and re-isolation of water pipelines, oil pipelines and gas pipelines.
Join Wrap DK-BUT®1600-PW is also the ideal choice for both small and large pipe sizes.
Join Wrap DK-BUT®1600-PW is used in the System DK-BUT®1232-PW anti-corrosion system.