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Dkbutyl-System B 50

Dkbutyl-System B 50 (coating construction) cold-applied system for anticorrosion insulation of the outer surface of steel main pipelines up to and including 1220 mm in diameter. Dkbutyl-System B 50 (coating design) cold-applied system consists of primer Kebutyl-Primer K III and coextruded 2-layer polyethylene tape Dkbutyl-Tape 1.6. Dkbutyl-System B 50 meets the requirements of load class B with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 50°C. Kebutyl Primer K III is a quick-drying bitumen-butyl rubber primer (primer), which is applied to the prepared pipe surface before applying Dkbutyl-Tape 1.6. The primer is designed to promote adhesion between the pipe surface and the adhesive layer of the tape. Dkbutyl-Tape 1.6 is a coextruded 2-layer polyethylene tape made of stabilized, 100% polyethylene and a layer of bitumen-butyl rubber adhesive with butyl rubber content ≥70% with a siliconized film that prevents the tape coils from sticking together in the roll.

icon Anti-corrosion coating icon the product complies with the load class 50


Kebutyl Primer K III - primer (primer) based on butyl rubber, solvent free
2 coats of Dkbutyl-Tape 1,6 - (1 coat with 50% overlap)


Impermeable to oxygen and moisture
Resistant to ground loads
Co-extrusion technology
Maximum corrosion protection combined with outstanding tape flexibility


icon Gas pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration icon Protection of welded joints

Dkbutyl-System B 50 (coating design) of cold application is designed for use as a part of combined protective coating of class B according to item 15 of Table 4 of DSTU 4219-2003 Modification No.1 for anticorrosion insulation of the outer surface of steel main pipelines to protect them from underground corrosion, diameter up to 1220 mm inclusive. Dkbutyl-System B 50 is compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, epoxy resin, polyurethane and bitumen. Service life as part of the protective coating of the structure p.15 of Table 4 of DSTU 4219-2003 Change No.1, not less than 30 years.