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Kebu Petro Tape A303

Kebu Petro Tape A303 is a cold applied corrosion protection tape. It consists of modified petroleum products, a synthetic fiber fabric as an insert and a laminated PE film. The Kebu Petro-Tape A303 meets the requirements of DIN EN 12068 and DIN 30672, load class A, maximum continuous operating temperature up to 30°C in a three-layer application.

Special advantages

Cold-applied corrosion protection tape
Low permeability to moisture

Area of application

icon Gas pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration icon Protection of T-shaped fittings, connecting fittings, flanges

With Petro Tape A303 you can also wrap valves, flanges etc. in high pressure gas networks. The Petro Tape A303 is compatible with factory coatings of PE, PP, epoxy resin, PU and bitumen. It can be used for Field Joint Coating, Coating Rehabilitation and Coating Repair. The mechanical properties can be significant improved by using a Kebu Rockshield PP 500/1000