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Film MX125 (Сlass 3)

Simply put, INDUSTREX MX125 Film is tough. Tough as nails. Its static resistance is unparalleled in the industry, and its heat resistance is remarkable. The film is extremely durable; it can withstand the toughest handling (and even darkroom practices). It can also survive high humidity, and it’s much less susceptible to handling artifacts than most films.


MX125 Film incorporates Carestream’s T-GRAIN Emulsion technology. This medium-speed film offers ultra fine grain and very high contrast. It has excellent sensitivity, so it’s perfect for critical radiography – especially with high energy. You can use it with direct x-rays or with lead foil screens. This film is classified as ASTM E 1815 Class I and EN ISO 11699-1 Class 3.

Processing Options

MX125 Film can be processed manually or automatically in a range of processing cycles. Notice: Observe precautionary information on product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets. Develop with rack and tank, using properly replenished solutions.

Area of Application

Aircraft inspection, Aero-engines, Assemblies, Electrical components, Castings, Composites (fibre-reinforced), Forensics, Munitions, Bomb Disposal, Nuclear, Paintings/Sculptures, Pipelines, Welded Fabrication.