What is extrusion?
Extrusion is a method and process for producing products from polymeric materials by forcing the material melt through a forming hole in an extruder.
What is Co-extrusion?
Co-extrusion is a method of combined (simultaneous) extrusion of two different materials in one production process, which provides an output from the extruder of a product consisting of two or more dissimilar materials (raw materials).
What is Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene?
This is polyethylene that has been irradiated by electron accelerators. As a result of irradiation, polyethylene changes its intermolecular compound, while significantly increasing its strength characteristics, such as: mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulating properties.
Decoding of abbreviations
PE - Polyethylene, PP - Polypropylene, PU - Polyurethane, CTE - Bituminous enamels, FBE - Epoxy Coatings.