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Fast Screens for Industrial Imaging LANEX

LANEX Fast Screens are intended to be used with double-coated, ortho-sensitive X-ray films 1 —and the spectral sensitivity of INDUSTREX HS800 Film matches the spectral output of LANEX Fast Screens. Using LANEX Fast Screens together with INDUSTREX HS800 Film results in high-quality images and the fastest system available from Carestream for industrial applications.

LANEX Fast Screens incorporate

Rare-earth phosphor from the lanthanide series, which results in significantly higher X-ray absorption and X-ray energy conversion than CaWO4 screens. Accordingly, LANEX Fast Screens permit a much greater reduction in exposure than CaWO4 screens.3 Phosphor terbium-activated gadolinium oxysulfide, Gd2O2S:Tb (the same phosphor that contains metals from the lanthanide series of elements), coated in a transparent binder Thin clear overcoat (approximately 0.3 mil) that resists surface abrasion Backing layer to eliminate curl.