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Film M100 (Class 2)

INDUSTREX M100 Film gives you outstanding sharpness – in fact, we’ve set the standard in this industry. The film’s excellent sensitivity and low speed make it the perfect choice for critical inspections of a wide range of materials. You’ll have confidence that you’ll find what you’re looking for – whether it’s a pipe weld, an aerospace engine, or a sculpture that you’re imaging.


M100 Film is an ASTM E 1815 Class I and EN ISO 11699-1 Class 2 film that offers ultra fine grain with extremely high contrast and definition. And it’s versatile – you can use it with direct x-rays or with lead foil screens.

Processing Options

M100 Film can be processed manually or automatically in a range of processing cycles. Notice: Observe precautionary information on product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets. Develop with rack and tank, using properly replenished solutions.

Area of Application

Aircraft inspection, Aero-engines, Assemblies, Electrical Components, Castings, Composites (fibre-reinforced), Forensics, Munitions, Bomb Disposal, Nuclear, Paintings/Sculptures, Pipelines, Welded Fabrication.