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Kebutyl-System C 50 C

The Kebutyl-System C 50 C is a cold applied two-tape system designed for corrosion protection of pipelines according to DIN EN 12068 (class C 50), DIN 30672 (class C 50) and ISO 21809-3 type 12А-1 (Тmax 50°C). It consists of the adhesion-promoting Kebutyl-Primer K III, the 3ply Kebulen-Tape 1.2 H (inner layer) and the Kebulen-Tape PE 0.50 (outer layer). The Kebutyl-System C 50 C fulfils the requirements of load class C at a maximum continuous operating temperature of 50°C.

icon Anti-corrosion coating


Kebutyl-Primer K III
2 layers 3ply Kebulen-Tape 1.2 H - (1 wrap with 50 % overlap)
2 layers Kebulen-Tape PE 0.50 - (1 wrap with 50 % overlap)


Fully amalgamating overlapping areas
Forming a sleeve-type coating
Impermeable to oxygen and moisture
Resistant to soil stress
Co-Extrusion technology
Superior in-ground performance

Area of application

icon Gas pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration icon Protection of welded joints

The Kebutyl-System C 50 C so called "Ruhrgas System" has been developed in the 1980s together with the technical department of the former Ruhrgas Company. It is a cold applied corrosion protective system used for the coating of buried or immersed steel pipelines. The Kebutyl-System C 50 C is used for the site applied coating in the area of the welded seam also for pipeline coating. The Kebutyl-System C 50 C is compatible with factory coatings of PE, PP, epoxy resin, PU and bitumen. It can be used for Field Joint Coating, Coating Rehabilitation and Coating Repair