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Dkbutyl-System Б 40

Dkbutyl-System Б 40 is a single cold applied tape system designed for corrosion protection of pipelines in accordance with DSTU 4219-2003. It consists of an adhesion promoting primer Dkbutyl-Primer DK-II, 2-layer tape Dkbutyl-Tape 0.65 and 2-layer tape Dkbutyl-Tape Outer 0.65. Dkbutyl-System Б 40 meets the requirements of load class Б at a maximum long-term operating temperature of 40°C.

icon Anti-corrosion coating icon Industry standard


– Dkbutyl-Primer DK-II
– 2 coats of Dkbutyl-Tape 0.65 - (1 coat with 50% overlap)
– 2 coats of Dkbutyl-Tape Outer 0.65 - (1 coat with 50% overlap)


Complete amalgamation of overlapping areas
Forms a sleeve type coating
Impermeable to oxygen and moisture
Resistant to ground loads
Co-extrusion technology
Maximum corrosion protection combined with outstanding tape flexibility
Service life as a part of the protective coating of construction p.7 Table 4 DSTU 4219-2003 is not less than 30 years.


icon Gas pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration icon Protection of welded joints

Dkbutyl-System Б 40 is a cold applied corrosion protection system used for coating underground or submerged steel pipelines. Dkbutyl-System Б 40 is used for corrosion protection works on insulation of main water, oil and gas pipelines Ø720, ammonia pipelines ≤530, according to the design of Clause 7, Table 4, DSTU 4219-2003. Dkbutyl-System Б 40 is compatible with the factory coating of PE, PP, epoxy, polyurethane and bitumen. It can be used for field coating joints, recoating coatings and repairing coatings. It is the ideal choice for both small and medium nominal pipe sizes.