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Illustration System DK-BIT®1232

System DK-BIT®1232

One tape system for corrosion protection of metal pipes and main pipelines.

icon Anti-corrosion coating icon Band thickness 3.2mm icon the product complies with the load class b icon the product complies with the load class 50 icon Maximum pipeline diameter 1220mm icon Cold application

System composition

Illustration barrel BITUMEN PRIMER DK-BIT®Bitumen Primer DK-BIT® – the primer is a homogeneous black liquid composition consisting of bitumen-polymer resin, elastomers, corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers mixed with the appropriate type of solvent.

Illustration insulation JOIN WRAP DKBIT®RF1600 RollJoin Wrap DK-BIT®1600 – 2-layer PVC tape with a layer of bitumen-polymer mastic on one side.

Special advantages

Maximum corrosion protection combined with outstanding tape flexibility.
The service life as part of the protective coating of the structure in clause 15 of Table 4, DSTU 4219-2003 is at least 30 years.
Compatible with factory coated PE PP FBE PU CTE and bitumen.
Complies with standard DSTU 4219-2003.

Area of application

icon Gas pipelines icon Oil pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration icon Protection of welded joints icon Protection of T-shaped fittings, connecting fittings, flanges

System DK-BIT®1232 is a cold applied tape system for preventing pipe corrosion in new installations or refurbishment projects.

System DK-BIT®1232 – used for corrosion protection of main water pipelines, oil pipelines, gas pipelines Ø ≤ 1220 according to the design of clause 15, table 4, DSTU 4219-2003.

System DK-BIT®1232 – due to its high flexibility and elasticity, it can be quickly and safely applied to pipeline parts such as welds, T-fittings, connection valves, flanges, elbows, etc.

System DK-BIT®1232 is the ideal choice for pipes with both small and large nominal sizes.