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Repairing System DK-PROTEC®

Repair system for damage to corrosion resistant coatings for pipelines.

icon Hot application icon hand Manual application icon Maximum operating temperature 90


Filling mastic - consists of a semi-crystalline adhesive based on stress rubber.
Fusible rod - Based on a thermoplastic adhesive (identical to the repair patch adhesive).
Repair patch - co-extruded, radio-crosslinked polyethylene tape backed up with polymer refractory glue.

Special advantages

Fast application without any special tools.
Outstanding shear and peel strength.
Compatible with factory coatings made of PE and bitumen.
The system is ideally suited to tapes and tape systems DK-BUT® & DK-BIT®.

Area of application

icon Gas pipelines icon Oil pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration

Repairing System DK-PROTEC® (filling mastic / fusible rod / repair patch) - a system for repairing damage to anticorrosive coatings of pipelines.
Repairing System DK-PROTEC® can be used without any special tools as a quick solution for repairing damage to corrosion resistant coatings of pipelines.