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Reinforced Mastic DK-BIT®1700

Rolled bitumen-polymer mastic reinforced with glass mesh.

icon Anti-corrosion coating icon Band thickness 1.7mm icon Maximum pipeline diameter 1420mm icon Maximum operating temperature 50 icon Cold application


Bitumen-polymer mastic reinforced with glass mesh.
Components - polymers, plasticizers, elastomers, resins.
Interleaf - an anti-adhesive silicone film.
Color - black.

Special advantages

Self-amalgamation of mastic in the area of overlap - forms a completely impermeable sleeve-like coating.
Practically impervious to water vapor and oxygen.
esistant to soil bacteria and soil electrolyte.
High electrical insulating properties.
Compatible with factory coatings PE and bitumen.

Area of application

icon Gas pipelines icon Oil pipelines icon Plumbing icon Repair and restoration icon Protection of welded joints

Reinforced Mastic DK-BIT®1700 is a proven solution for permanent corrosion protection on pipes and welds in areas with increased risk of corrosion. It is used when carrying out works on insulation and re-insulation of oil pipelines, water pipelines and gas pipelines.
Reinforced Mastic DK-BIT®1700 is used in the System DK-BIT®2454-RF anti-corrosion system.